Deb8it -

Deb8it is an online debating community, it provides a simple platform for members of the public to post their issues and see what the world thinks, taken on as a personal project, this took approx 2 weeks of out-of-hours work to complete, a full back-end admin system along with user profile management and email alerts

The idea for this website came when E-cigarettes first came about, they started growing in popularity and obviously came under scrutiny due to the fact that everyone was afraid of what was in them chemically. I thought to myself "Apart from social networks, there are really many places to voice an opinion in a civilised manor, why don't I make a place?" - and Deb8it was born, as mentioned above, I spent the next 2 weeks figuring out how to keep opinions 'up there' and allow people to have a view, whilst allowing the public to comment whether they were 'for', 'against' or simply 'indifferent' to this persons' views.

Sadly the website didn't take off as I'd anticipated, but it's still there should anyone stumble across it one day, minimal content and a few users.