MoreThanOwt -

This website was made as a wedding planning site, it advertises the honeymoon and allows the ability for people to donate a wedding present through paypal, the back-end has a full guest list manager and table planner (which allows drag/drop guest placement)

I created this website mainly for donations towards our wedding planning / honeymoon, it started off as a simple 1-page website with a paypal donation button at the bottom, then escalated into several pages (with content added by my now-wife) and a full guestlist/rsvp/table planning back-end.

This screenshot is of the guest list, it lists all our invited guests, their addresses and their RSVP status, as well as a few other bits of useful information.

This is a sample of the table planner (not the prettiest looking thing, but it did the job at the time) it was all build using jQuery lists and sortables, the now-empty list on the right pulled our guest list and allowed us to drag the guests onto a table, we could rearrange the tables and then request a printable view for a bigger look.