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LiftingSafety 1 -

LiftingSafety is an online catalogue for Lifting Equipment & Height Safety Equipment, the website also hosts a full admin back-end with quotation/invoicing system and an uncountable amount of extra sections, this project is the largest to date.

This site is my day job, I work 9 hours a day on improving the front and back-ends, adding new features and dealing with development requests in a ticketing system (self made). With over 4000 products, the database is quite large, not to mention the back-end quotation system.
I have learned a great deal from creating and maintaining this website, from new technologies, to debugging and resource management.

This screenshot shows a list of catagories, my task here was to create a small, repeatable slider in which to preview product images, this was written in a combination of PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and good old HTML.

The back-end of this website is (for lack of a better word) massive... There are page editors, catalogue managers, product editors, a full enquiry/quotations system, with invoicing capabilities and a purchase order / hire system, the ability to generate open office documents from any of these stages and follow various layouts on where to put products and information. There are price updaters, csv readers and writers, a full notification and alarm system for tasks, a full user access control system, statistics, logs, email access - and an FTP-like File System that stores all necessairy files linked to a reference number.